Ev Yankey

for hustler femmes, a love letter



ritual morning tensions:
one - lacing up your shit kickers
two - knitting your brow to parry the pigs
three - tearing open the bag of fresh nettles
to calm the day’s nerve.
a pile of blood and rust
kissed styrofoam cups
a scraggly smile
and commanding cackle
you know us by these
no matter what…

Leah is a perfect angel and this hits me right in the gut

From an email I received this morning: "Hi Evan. One of the residential councils is looking to educate their group about Medicaid, Medicare and the financial aspect of ‘the system.’"

My immediate email response: ”I am not joking when I say there is nothing I love more than talking to people with developmental disabilities about Medicaid”


[TW: sexual abuse, ableism]

I’m sure just about everyone here is aware of the statistic that on average, 1 in 5 women in the US are sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

For people with developmental disabilities, that number is over 90%. Over 90% of our most vulnerable population are sexually abused, very often by care providers or family members.

Where the fuck is our outrage? How is ableism not viewed as a legitimate oppression yet?

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And he might be at a dinner meeting with me next week!

Holy Shit! Geraldo just responded to an email chain I’m on!

Autism and Race Anthology || Indiegogo



Lydia Brown and Autism Women’s Network is raising money to produce an anthology on Race and Autism! Please check it out and consider donating- it should be a very valuable resource for the community, particularly for members of the community who are often over shadowed and under represented. 

From Lydia’s Facebook timeline:

Submissions will be due before the end of this year — stay tuned for more detailed information on how to submit. 

Submissions will be welcome from anyone who identifies as both autistic (self-identified regardless of formal diagnosis) and some kind of person of color, including indigenous and mixed-race people. 

Please consider sharing with your networks!


So excited about this!!!

Anonymous asked: Gavin McInnes left Vice in 2007 you know

Yes. There’s definitely no direct connection between them.

That said, my impression is that VICE in its current form is just an advertiser friendly version of McInnes’ persona. The man was fired because the things he was saying were bad for business (specifically, advertisers were complaining). His bro-centric view of the world remains, just in a more marketable form.

This is an article I found informative about their business practices: 


My job has a very simple system for dealing with sick days, late-call-outs, and cancelations: it’s not a system, we just let chaos reign and don’t get too upset at anything that happens.

Lots of the folks we work with have a ton of shit to deal with, transportation problems, chronic illness, mental health issues, or they are just really damn busy. I always schedule 3 staff to an event in case 2 of them drop out. And no one feels bad about calling out last minute, because we try to run an office with the knowledge that work isn’t always people’s highest priority, and shouldn’t be.

But this means we get a lot of flack from organizations that aren’t good at dealing with unplanned scheduling changes, and this pisses me off.

If your organization can’t handle you missing appointments, meetings, or work then they are not accessible. It’s only a narrow minority of the population that can make the commitment to jobs that seems to be expected as a norm.

Workplace accessibility means placing work lower on your priorities list, and reevaluating your assumptions about people’s ability or desire to fuck up the rest of their life just so they can get to a job on time.

Did 'Thought Catalog' Just Publish The Most Transphobic Article Ever?

This makes me especially furious, not just because of the article itself, but because this dude has been spouting evil, irredeemable, retrograde trash like this on a consistent basis for years, and I still have to walk through the subways looking at faux-radical ads for VICE every single day.

VICE is the definition of a company that has a business model based on getting “cool” cred from marginalized communities. And it’s becoming more and more obvious, especially with all of the free shows Noisey has been doing in Brooklyn this year.

There are independent reasons to hate both this genocidal maniac with a megaphone as well as his slightly more subtle, yet far more exploitative and pernicious company. But why not hate both together? Their evil is intertwined. There’s nothing that either of the entities can do that would excuse screeds like this article, so why is it still OK to participate in the cultural events or information that either of them is generating?

Another day, another parent petition for more “certified settings”.

What is a “certified setting”? It’s a residence, usually a large group home, where the state pays money to a service provider to ensure the residents’ “health and safety”.

Do people with developmental disabilities need more places to live: Yes

Do they need to have their health and safety enforced by the State: No